Digital Media

The widespread distribution of Internet, its high level of availability and the opportunities it offers to connect almost any device as well, have made it an impressive means of broadcasting multimedia contents.

People can hook up remotely, speak and see each other, distribute cultural content such as movies and music, attract the attention of their customers with targeted advertising messages, conduct remote, interactive learning and training, allow a service centre to monitor or visually inspect an industrial plant located kilometers way and even use their mobile phones to access the video surveillance systems of their homes.
To build applications and services based on communication media, it is not sufficient just to have a means of transmission, even as powerful and widespread as the Internet. If you want to offer customers a service with high accessibility, you must have a thorough comprehension of technologies, solutions and industry standards.

In this context, SSB Progetti provides its expertise in order to develop systems and custom applications, compatible with wide range of devices and software content players, and flexible to be able to adapt to the transmission medium and network bandwidth

Here are some examples of systems that we have designed for our clients:

  • Web video Conferencing
  • Video streaming in real-time transmitting web events, conferences, training courses
  • Video on demand to enable customers and partners to view digital content over the Internet
  • digital signage systems to display visual contents on remote terminals located in highly frequented areas (shops and malls, hotel and tourist facilities, public offices, hospitals, banks, stations, etc.)

Remote viewing systems, camera surveillance, visual monitoring and inspection of plants, optimized to operate on embedded systems with a limited processing capacity and on networks with low transmission quality and bandwidth