CANP-The house in the park

The project “The House in the park” will propose solutions for e-Health as application of ICT Technologies, beyond the state of the art, in the management of health processes, in telemedicine and tele-monitoring, in order to support the accessibility and Interoperability of information and health services, decentralisation of care, rationalisation of resources and improvement of welfare pathways. The main focus of the project will be the hospitalization at home (oad) in the context of the near future of the two parks of health and Research and Innovation of Turin and Novara. The objectives of the project “The House in the park” are:

  • Increase in the level of quality of life of the patient through hospitalization;
  • Improvement of the assistance processes by health care personnel and family members;
  • Sustainability of the costs of health services and social assistance, including through the significant reduction of hospitalization time and the effectiveness of functional recovery;
  • Acceptability and legitimacy of the model from the legal and bioethical point of view;
  • Systematic clinical control of the patient obtained through continuous interaction through constant monitoring and data and information management;
  • Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of oad and optimization of new clinical pathways

The results that we expect the project “the House in the park” will have an approach based on a human-centered vision and thanks to a set of avant-garde technologies, will support the autonomy of the patient in taking care of himself and will give at the same time the possibility of Manage the relationship with physicians by guaranteeing the sustainability of the overall solution. In particular, SSB Progetti will have the task of developing a platform that allows interoperability between data on rehabilitation facilities and information about patients, physicians and care givers. The objective is to create a decision engine, based on machine learning techniques that guide, by means of recommendation systems, the choice of the sanitary structure most suitable for the patient’s pathology.   The numbers the project “The House in the park” is located in the Field/technology field “E-health, bioinformatics and ICT for health research (including the analysis of Big Data)” of the Call for technology platform “Health and wellness” and in the field of application “assistance “E is a research and development project funded with the funds of the regional Operational programme” Investments in favour of growth and employment “F.E.S.R. 2014/2020-Ref. Action I. 1b. 2.2 and action 1.8. II. 2.3.1. Startup: April 2018

    • Duration: 30 months
    • Project cost: 11 M €
    • 19 Partners
    • 4 Health Facilities End User:
      • A.O. U City of Health and Science of Turin
      • Aou Major of the Carita
      • Aou St. Louis