Mume – Move Better

Mume (Moving better): It is a research project that aims to create an innovative model of service aimed at encouraging the adoption of car sharing by citizens, improving their experience of use, amplifying the positive effects On environment, mobility and territory, and at the same time offer the managing body elements of rationalization and efficiency that can implement a sustainable business model. The result of this project will be a multichannel platform for innovative car-sharing/pooling services, integrated with the TPL (local public transport) and based on:

  • Flexible and innovative service models
  • Collaborative dynamics of "serious gaming" and award-winning logics based on ranking and rating
  • Recommendation tools based on techniques of automatic learning (predictive) and deductive reasoning to dynamically adapt suggestions based on the evolution of the context, with the aim of advising the user how to best benefit from the Service required

User – Experience based on conversational interfaces and intelligent "chatbots", for a natural and simplified interaction with their devices (smartphones, tablets, computers,)

The results we expect 

Generally, the results of the project are expected to have positive impacts both on the territory and on the community, with desirable improvements in mobility and environmental context with a goal that aims at disincentivation of the purchase of Private vehicles in favour of shared mobility services.  As a medium-long-term objective, we can therefore think of actions that involve a full integration of the entire movement chain, using shared mobility to extend the public transport network, thus increasing its attractiveness and Spread among the citizens.

The definition of appropriate models for the integration of sharing mobility services would lead, in the overall design of transport, a strong focus on the relative economic, social and environmental sustainability, thus generating new opportunities for All companies directly and indirectly involved in the industry.

The Mume numbers is a project financed under the POR FESR 2014-2020 of Piedmont and realized with the resource contest of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Italian state and the Piedmont region.


  • Project cost: C.A. 450k €

Partners: SSB Progetti (lead), Grifo Multimedia, Università di Torino – Department of Informatics, in collaboration with 5T – Torino