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We realize usability-focused WEB and Mobile applications that provide users with an intuitive, clear, and personalized experience of use. We help our customers in the definition of an effective, integrated and multichannel digital communication strategy, also taking care of the positioning aspects on search engines and social media management.

We adopt the modern paradigms of design and realization of applications for the web that privilege the interactivity with the user, the multimedia and the speed of execution (Rich Internet application, Single Page application) based on the technologies to State of the art: JQuery, Nodejs, Angular, React.

We develop apps for smartphones and tablets in native language (IOS and Android) exploiting the potential of modern cross-platform frameworks.

The ability to innovate business processes and speed in implementing changes depend on the availability of flexible and easily adaptable information systems. SOA is a software architecture designed to deliver services (data and functionality) that can be obtained from external applications in a way that is independent of the programming language and operating system. The service-oriented architectures allow to make a common factor, between the different application areas of the information system, the services and the "core" functions on which the business processes are based. A real catalogue of elementary services is constituted which, suitably orchestrated by the higher application layers, allow to rationalise and make more efficient the development of new applications and the adaptation of existing ones.

SSB Progetti provides its expertise and expertise through consultancy and support for the development of SOA architectures, prefering the use of open standards and languages (XML/SOAP, WSDL, WSS, UDDI), methodologies for orchestration Services (BPEL) and reliable technology infrastructures for deployment (Oracle, IBM, JBoss)

In a scenario in which heterogeneous application solutions have been consolidated and the company’s systems and processes need to be dialogued, the SSB Progetti provides its customers with its own experience to translate the potential for competitive advantage that offer modern Enterprise Application Integration technologies and service-oriented architectures.

It has the skills to integrate the existing applications in the company with market products and with customized custom developed components.

The value of a company's information assets is not the amount of information in its possession as such, but rather the ability to use it in a simple and effective way. And it is by making available and integrating between them documents, data and information that the computerization of the processes and the systems of content management allows to increase the competitiveness and the business efficiency. SSB projects work with different tools of

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Document Management

In the development of turnkey solutions, offering the expertise acquired in enterprise-level projects in the Banking field, in the services sector and in some sectors of the public administration.