Research & Development

In order to realize innovative solutions able to satisfy the customer’s requirements, it is necessary to combine the profound mastery of a wide range of technologies with the experience and the methodologies honed on the field in realizing projects in different contexts and areas Application.

The technologies with which SSB Progetti work are manifold and represent the state of the art of the modern computer paradigms adopted for the development of web and mobile applications and the realization of scalable and reliable processing systems.

As far as the SSB Progetti methodologies are concerned, the project management process adapts to the customer’s needs by adopting both traditional and agile approaches based on the context in which it is called to operate. In any case, all the actions and controls that allow to manage the whole life cycle of the activities, such as the control of costs, the time of realization, the conformity to the requirements and the quality of the final product, are in place, according to the principles dictated By industry standards.