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A new paradigm of human-vehicle interaction to enhance safety and improve driver and passengers experience

It 'a project related to new technologies and aims to devise new systems of human-vehicle interaction to increase safety in driving.
The requested contribution to SSB projects was to develop a prototype for the identification of new interfaces and modes of interaction with devices in the car, to collect data and display it to the user.

It also provides for the testing and use of devices use more intuitive and functional as touch-screen with multi-touch interface (and their gestures), or graphical tools such as widgets, for greater modularity and configurability of the graphical interface , and to give you actionable information at a glance, if projected on the windshield (head-up display).

Project funded by the Piedmont Region through the European Funds for Regional Development

Regional Operational Programme: "CompetitivitÓ Regionale e occupazione" F.E.S.R. 2007/2013
Asse 1 "Innovazione e transizione produttiva" Misura I.1.3 "Innovazione e PMI"

  • Partner: Consortium formed by partners including companies and research centers (
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Technology:
    • OS based on Linux kernel 2.6 or higher (eg, Amakha, MeeGo)
    • Trusted Computing (TC) technology (i.e., TPM)
    • Trusted Networking
    • Streaming Server
    • Multimedia Player
    • Graphical Libraries (e.g., QT, GTK +)
    • Voice Recognition & Speech Synthesizer
    • Embedded Web Browser
    • Geolocalization and navigation system
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