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Effective management of the logistics of a vehicle, and active and passive information in real-time through a service center.

The project aims to define and develop tools to integrate car, mobile and web. AUTUMN2 kicks off from the results of AUTUMN project, which has made all the necessary tools to the interaction of the driver or passenger car.

In AUTUMN2 the "mobile" plays the central role. Its function is twofold:
  • Equip the car with new interactive tools (eg maintenance information)
  • Provide access to the Internet to enjoy innovative services (eg social navigation, weather services and tourism, diagnostics, car sharing, etc..)

In this regard will be developed new interface devices Mobile / vehicle, capable of connecting to the diagnostic system of the car and to present the data in a different way depending on the user or the environment in which they are displayed. In addition will be developed applications to facilitate interoperability between mobile, web and social networks.
In order to validate technologies, software and devices developed during the project, we have identified three possible application scenarios: Social, Intelligent Transport System and Remote Diagnostic Monitoring.
Some examples of extension of these scenarios: the car will be able to find a distributor or service center nearest you, suggest your maintenance plan, make and contribute information on traffic, or another example would be interchangeable and the optimized management of a fleet of taxis and their drivers.

Project funded by Regione Piemonte through the European Funds for Regional Development

Regional Operational Programme: "CompetitivitÓ Regionale e occupazione" F.E.S.R. 2007/2013
Asse 1 "Innovazione e transizione produttiva" Misura I.1.3 "Innovazione e PMI"

  • Partner: Consortium formed by companies members of Polo ICT and the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella
  • Duration: 2 years
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