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SSB Progetti is a computer science group specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative software solutions.

Founded in the early '80s, SSB Progetti has always and continues to combine leading modern technologies and platforms derived from the world of research, and the world of "Open Source" software, with the experience of a team of professionals.

We design and produce customized solutions "turnkey" that add value to our clients. We provide expert advice on the main issues of Information & Communication Technology. We provide management, control and maintenance services, of complex information systems.

The customer
The heart of our work is focusing on the customer, understanding their needs and comprehending all of their specific requirements. Together with our customers we have built effective and reliable solutions and services, generating value. This has allowed us to create close relationships throughout the years, based on transparency, trust and professionalism.

Our resources
Our strength rests and is built on the value and extent of our personnel. Our employees come from specialized study courses, maturing their experience with years of field application in technologies and design methodologies and the utmost successful software developments. They are continuously engaged in training activities to consolidate and update their skills and renew their propensity for innovation.

Research and innovation
The effectiveness and innovativeness of our solutions are the direct result of continuous research and development, which aims to identify, select and experiment with technology and the "best practices" most innovative. Our strong focus on innovation is realized by participating in research projects at national and European levels, in partnership with leading academic institutions and research centers.

The organization and quality
Skill, professionalism, focusing on innovation alone is not enough to ensure the implementation of quality solutions and delivering services that meet the client. It is essential to have a thorough organization, that applies precise and proven methodology of works, constantly testing and measuring results. Thus, some years ago, it was decided to certify our quality management system according to the principles of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008