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An Intelligent Measurement Plane for Future Network and Application Management.

The scenario
Why Skype is not working? Which is the best ISP in my area? Where is YouTube traffic coming from? How to optimize my LTE network for Facebook? The Internet is a global interconnection of networks, that no single person, organization or government operates, administers or governs. It is robust thanks to its diversity, but it is vulnerable and fragile: in case of "failure", who can tell what is going wrong? Today, the web is a tangle where nobody really understands what happens or might predict its development.
An intelligent system that collects, analyzes, and provides visibility to support better management: an oracle that provides answers.
By enabling pervasive measurement throughout the Internet, mPlane project allows solving these problems. It benefits everyone:
  • ISPs get a fine-grained picture of the network status, empowering effective management and operation
  • Application developers gain powerful tools for handling performance issues of their solutions
  • Regulators and end-users can verify adherence to SLAs, even when these involve multiple parties
  • Customers of all kinds can objectively compare network performance, improving competition in the market

The Project
mPlane is a large scale and collaborative FP7 Integrated Project. It will significantly advance the state of the art in Internet measurement, from innovative probe technology to intelligent algorithms for distributed data analysis.
The development of the Reasoner is a key result that will allow structured, iterative, automated analysis. An emphasis on open, standard interfaces will speed adoption and increase the impact of the project.
Mplane Consortium is made up of 16 organizations chosen for their complementary skills and competences: 3 large Manufacturers contribute with their expertise, 3 large Telecom Operators, 2 Research Centres, 2 SMEs, 6 University Research Groups.

Research projects