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We propose our services to clients, becoming trusted partners in implementing projects and "turnkey" solutions ensuring quality, reliability and efficiency.

We accompany client in identifying the objectives of their business. Carefully gathering the requirements that systems must satisfy. We select the most appropriate technology to ensure reliability, flexibility, standards compliance. We apply the most efficient methods of designing and developing in achieve the objectives respecting targets on time and cost.
Settori e Mercati Success Stories
SSB Progetti has always faced with passion new sectors and markets in the ICT world, through research or directly "in the field", conquering new skills and knowledge to expand and integrate its offer.
In addition to the main macro-technology, where we have over the years developed and consolidated our expertise such as finance, security and multimedia, listed below are just a few of the areas in which we have carried out "turnkey" projects for our Customers.
  • Information and news
    • News portals with editorial process management, integrated with advanced multimedia galleries (streaming and on demand)
    • Publishing of news coming from press agencies and external information providers

  • E-Learning
    • Applications for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of education courses or training programs
    • Multimedia gallery for on line courses
    • Customizaton of best of breed, SCORM standard, E-Learning platforms (Moodle, Docebo)

  • Opinion monitoring
    • On line survey and on-line data collection application
    • Applications for managing "mystery audit" campaigns

  • Tourism
    • Applications for mobile devices within the tourism industry, for the dissemination of events, news and the geo-location of points of interest
    • Applications for mobile devices in museums: interactive guides, multimedia catalogs

  • Marketing and communication
    • Digital signage systems for the distribution of multimedia content on totems, big size monitors, touchscreen devices
    • Proximity advertising systems via mobile devices, based on Bluetooth communication
    • Communication campaigns based on SMS, interfacing with providers of messaging services

  • Health
    • Management and federation of clinical databases
    • Formats, protocols and standards of communication between health systems (HL7, DICOM, JPEG 2000)
    • Middleware and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) platforms for the integration, updating and distribution of data between systems
    • Vertical applications for specific health domains

  • Public Administration
    • Applications for managing the life cycle of electronic documents, integration with BPM (Business Process Management)
Tecnologie Technologies
To create innovative solutions to meet customer requirements it is necessary to combine the full understanding and comprehension of a wide range of technologies with the experience gained in the field. Implementing this into projects of multiple contexts and environments.
The technologies on which we operate are varied and represent state of the art modern computing paradigms adopted for the development of web applications and mobile devices.

Metodologia Progettuale The Methodology
SSB Progetti is structured into working groups with many years of experience in the software development process, able to adapt both traditional approaches waterfall, iterative, agile, but also to adapt the management of the project according to the contexts and needs by the customer.
To achieve the objectives of a project, it is not enough to field only their technical skills, but you need to put in place all the measures and controls that allow you to manage the entire lifecycle activities, such as cost control, timeframes and compliance with the requirements, according to the principles laid down by the quality standards of the industry.
The SSB Progetti has been certified since 2008 according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for EA sectors 33 to 35 in the project activities and implementation of solutions and applications software, consulting services and technical assistance in the ICT Quality certification.

In all our projects are categorically Project Management and Change and Configuration Management, applied to all project phases, from requirements definition up to testing and release in a production environment of the customer. Including the adoption of appropriate tools and methodologies, we monitor the progress of each activity, and produce the necessary project documentation, in line with the requirements and standards.

We assist our customers even after the end of the project offering services corrective and evolutionary maintenance, service and training courses for technical staff and end users.
Expertise areas
Web technologies
Mobile Service & APP
Service Oriented Architecture
System Integration
Business Process Management
Enterprise Content Management