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Security and reliability are fundamental for anyone that wishes to develop business solutions or offer services to its users, using the Internet as the means of communication.

We provide a wide range of services in this sector, including consulting for deployment and implementation of solutions based on our products and other state of the art technologies (proprietary and open source).
The consulting services we provide to our customers, fine-tuned through years of application in the field of the most renowned methodologies, regard the following areas:
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test
  • Policy and Architecture definition
  • Infrastructure Hardening
  • Identity and Access Management
The experience we have gained in this field, has enabled us to develop effective and innovative solutions. Our product suites incorporate all of the responses to the needs of companies to increasingly make their data and services available to the outside world, while at the same time resolving problems of data and system protection, confidentiality and integrity.

  Our suite of products encompasses all the answers to the needs of companies, such as granting an increase in the availability of data and services outside of the organization, while solving the problems of security, privacy, data integrity and systems  

Their advanced features in terms of governability and control, make them particularly effective and competitive when systems and networks that need to be protected are numerous and rapid deployment and ease of management are the key factor.

FoxGate FoxGate
FoxGate - The all in one solution which enables applications of the company intranet to be accessed remotely from outside, via browser and via VPN
Foxwall Foxwall
Foxwall - Suite of integrated components for the protection and control of company networks and resources (firewall, e-mail security, web security).
It also allows high reliable networking services to be implemented (traffic shaping, load balancing, VPN, proxies, etc.)
LogBox LogBox
LogBox - Appliance that enables all accesses made by System Administrators within your IT system to be recorded, in accordance with the provisions issued by the italian Privacy Protection Authority