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New technologies and information systems applied to transport to move and live better

Punti di forza della soluzione Offers
The SSB Progetti offers its thirty years long experience as system integrator to support clients who wish to develop innovative solutions in the following areas:
  • Vehicle positioning tracking
  • Remote car control and management (also specific for electric cars)
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Driver logbook (safety, eco)
  • Remote vehicle rental and sharing
  • Vehicle access control and personalization
  • Emergencies and request of assistance
  • Web 2.0 for cars
  • Mobility context information
  • Infotainment

  • On board embedded systems, integrated with third party hardware and software
  • Smartphone and tablet mobile app interacting with vehicles systems and services on the web
  • Server side web application to implement the client business logic
  • Middleware to integrate third party backend systems

  • Feasibility studies, concepts, final design
  • Development of turnkey solutions
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Consulting services and support to adapt or replace obsolete systems and products

Punti di forza della soluzione Our clients
Our prospects are stakeholders who want to offer value-added personalized services to drivers, passengers, professional haulers, and more in general to people on the move:
  • Passengers transport companies who want to offer to their customers and their operators tailored and efficient in-vehicle services (taxi, car renting, car sharing)
  • Public entities who want to offer to their citizen innovative and sustainable urban mobility services (car pooling, intelligent transportation systems, etc.)
  • Green cars maker who requires new models and technologies for customizable vehicle management and driver- to-car interaction
  • Operators who needs to efficiently manage their fleets of vehicles (fleet management, distribution, rentals, etc.)

  • SSB Progetti is further looking for technical and commercial partners to collaborate and put on the market their solutions.

Punti di forza della soluzione The platform
An open platform of hardware and software basic building blocks to build customized applications, reducing development costs and accelerate solution delivery.

VECOP is a modular platform consisting of an hardware device to be put on board of the vehicle, a mobile software component to be installed on userís smartphone or tablet and a server side backend software component to be installed on the server side or eventually on the cloud.

The platform offers the following basic services:
  • Collection and elaboration of operational and diagnostics data through OBD (fuel level and consumption, carbon emissions, anomalies, faults, etc.)
  • On board wifi connectivity
  • Always best connected Internet connectivity
  • Ultra precise positioning based on GPS, Galileo (with EGNOSS augmentation)
  • Confidentiality and protection of data transmision
  • Remote software upgrade
  • System security and integrity guaranteed by Trusted Computing Technology: access control and authorization to specific resources, guarding against viruses and other forms of system infiltration