We have been collaborating for years with some of the most important financial institutions as a partner in areas and projects “mission critical”.

We provide solutions, integrate systems and provide advice in the following areas:

  • Applications for financial information via web and mobile for retail and professional clients
  • Systems for real-time integration of information flows arriving from the main financial data infoproviders national and international
  • Service-oriented infrastructure services to simplify and streamline the distribution and use of financial data within the bank gathered from diverse markets
  • data management systems for the construction and management of personal data centralizing securities in the department
  • CRM Systems for Retail Management and Corporate customers
  • System data loading and transformation for the uploading of database departmental data streams deriving from systems “legacy”
  • Integration between direct channels (Internet, Mobile, ATM) systems and “legacy”
  • System Identity Management, Role Management, User Authentication, Account Provisioning
  • Systems for the protection of ATM network threats

Thanks to the experience deriving from the numerous projects carried out in the financial field and to the constant sharing of the customer’s needs, some innovative solutions have been realized that provide a high added value.

FID (Financial Information Delivery) is a high-performance platform for real-time management and distribution of data and advanced financial information services provided by various Financial Information Providers.
It is multiprovider as it integrates and brings together in a single logically centralized platform the data and services provided by the various financial infoproviders chosen by the customer.
It is multichannel in that it feeds both in pull mode and push channel applications of heterogeneous type. 

ATM Guard is an intelligent, effective and non-intrusive firewall solution for the protection of ATM devices from network threats.