Smart Mobility

The SSB Progetti offers its own experience of system integrator to support the customer in the realization of innovative solutions in the field of smartmobility. The offer is addressed to operators in the sector who want to offer their customers innovative products and services, focused on the use of new ICT technologies and with a high level of personalization, so that they cannot be realized with products Available on the market.

  • Real-time location and tracking of vehicles and fleets
  • Remote control and management of combustion and electric vehicles: consumption, speed, fuel level, battery charge, autonomy
  • Remote diagnostics via Telematics
  • Driver Log-Books: Security aspects, driving style, routes
  • Personalized Services on board vehicle

The offer is aimed at different subjects to meet many needs.

  • Car renting and car sharing: companies that entrust their vehicles to customers and need advanced remote management systems
  • Taxi and transportation services persons: Companies in the transport sector of people who want to offer their operators and their customers personalized and efficient services on board
  • Traders and artisans: companies that are looking for a simple system to manage their own vehicles, optimize the delivery of products and keep in check the use of means by the staff
  • Special means: Providers of mobility services based on electric vehicles in areas subject to traffic restrictions or environmental impacts
  • Corporate fleets: Corporations and companies that have to efficiently manage vehicles assigned to their employees or their customers
  • Car makers, third parties: Green car developers requiring innovative models and technologies for vehicle management and driver-half interaction